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Last Whites of the East End

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  • Last Whites of the East End

    Last Whites of the East End . London Live TV
    Anyone see this ?
    Personally close to my heart ,coming from a proper Cockney family ,generations of us around Stepney , going back literally centuries ( done the family tree etc ) apparently Newham after the war was 98% white British and up until as little as 10/15 year ago was 50% white British ,and now is only 16% white British .
    The whole Cockney East London culture has died ,never to come back , cant really believe this has been allowed to happen
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    Very very sad how our country has been opened up to mass invasion.
    Identity lost, politicians have sold out britain, in an eu deal ....civil war is not far away


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      Not sure about civil war.The East End always was a bit of a melting pot,especially in Victorian times when the port of London was lively and the Empire was booming.But I know what you mean...sixties was all Krays and schmutter shops and now it's all gone rather base upwards.You'll get White Flight now,demographic shift to the margins where you'll regroup and hopefully come back stronger than ever.The constant attack by the overwhelmingly liberal press on the white population has become sickening.I really don't think we're up for a fight anymore.


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        Im sure i saw that programme last year. Real sad for the old folk who still live there and cant afford to get out.


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          loved the bus driver with the romanian wife , thought he came over very well . it's sad how the east end has turned out