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  • Rick Grimes

    What an absolute c**p shot he is.

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    Bloody hell, is that still going on?

    Gave up after about season 7 and even that was a trial!


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      It really hit the doldrums last season and the first half of this,but finally the clash with Negan seems to be on.
      But like i say, bullets are so precious in this apocalyptic age, yet they can't hit a barn door from 2 feet!!


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        It does all get a bit silly after a while, doesn't it. I really liked the first few series; strong on moral dilemmas, plot lines, characters, genuine tension. Now it's like a zombie soap opera!


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          yeah spot on hub


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            Love that show but it's starting to proper drag now. They should end it after the war with Negan.
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              It really has become very silly indeed. I've only carried on watching it so I have something to talk about to a geek at work that doesn't like sport. It started well but it should be about zombies. All the focus has left them and its humans fighting humans, just so repetitive and not going anywhere. Special effect great in the early shows but the cast want it to be all about them.
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                Show has lost its way somewhat. The early series were much better with genuine fear when among groups of zombies...now if there's a load of zombies coming, one will say I'll get them and casually take them all out easily. The problem in recent years is the plot is generally being rehashed with one group of baddies taking over from the last who took over from the ones before. That said, every now and again there'll be a stormingly good episode and it's still very watchable.