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Match Thread | QPR 4 Sheffield Wednesday 2

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  • Originally posted by Norths View Post
    Mackie definitely deserves one final start in an end of season nothing game. Not so much fussed about Perch, but if he doesn't get a start then a brief appearance as a late sub wouldn't be the worst thing to happen.

    Couple of points about Wednesday
    - surprised to see that big lad still playing for them up front. Opened the scoring on the opening day when we played them at home in the playoff season.
    - Rhodes. What's the situation there? Has he gone from being one of the leagues prolific strikers to a bit part player, or just coming back from injury?


    • Originally posted by hal9thou View Post
      which was an excellent reason fro not appointing Ollie in the first place.


      • Originally posted by Hitman34 View Post
        nothing wrong with bringing them on as second half subsitutes in the final home game of the season.

        to #### away the final 4 games, plus risk losing any momentum to take into the summer and new season, just to pick his beloved, is a step too far imo.
        I'm going to agree with Hits!! And for the reasons he cites!!!

        One cameo appearance, yes. So agreeing with West too.

        Any more, and I can't reconcile that with his comment to crack on and win all four remaining matches. To me, it smacks of a danger of slipping back into the discredited arrangements he was prone to adopt before.