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Fulham 2 QPR 2 **Match Thread**

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  • Kids aside the change in formation has shown Bidwell, Furlong and Pawel in much better light.


    • Originally posted by Nick View Post
      The thing that gets me is people saying stuff like "well done ollie", "credit were due" etc.... sorry but load of b0ll0cks. That carnt has honestly given me some of my worst days down at rangers this season. And it's purely been down to his stupidity and stubbornness. Hes a very well paid manager whos been in the game and management for donkeys years. All he had to do was use his eyes/common sense and set us up properly from the off...... Sorry WeAre not having a dig mate just getting it of my chest.
      Brilliant post mate and spot on.
      My first taste of watching that 352 nonsense was against blackburn in the cup last season.
      After being roasted down both wings the whole game, i walked away with my son thinking,i hope to god that was just an experiment due to the cup and that he will revert back to a flat back 4 in the league games.

      It took him the rest of last season, and three quarters of this one to work out that, that was the problem.
      Whether its, stubborness or cluelessness, its shocking management by not only him, but his 1st team coach also.

      Either way, i think i can speak on behalf of all of us here and at the ground that we are delighted for the formation change.

      as 7s said in a post somewhere on here.

      "Forgive but never forget"
      nsa/cia spy on this..............┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐


      • Originally posted by 1973 ranger View Post
        Kids aside the change in formation has shown Bidwell, Furlong and Pawel in much better light.
        this, woslek is not a farking wingback or a fullback.
        nsa/cia spy on this..............┌∩┐(◣_◢)┌∩┐


        • The kids offer a drive and fearlessness that the squad lacked.

          Ollie had tried to initially inject that in to the squad through Mackie (poor player but a workhorse) and chest beating.

          More through circumstance the kids have come in and infused the team with that spirit.

          It’s not always just down to an Individuals skills but also about that desire to succeed.


          • A good balance is vital for any team, not just skillful players and workhorses, but ages tool


            • so so made up with the performance i renewed today , needed to use the toilet so watched 10 mins of the u23's, strange being in the ground with only around 30 fans


              • Originally posted by West Acton View Post
                Excellent second half total game of two halves. Think we edged it and deserved points in the end but draw is good

                Everyone played well other then Freeman I was huge fan but now he just makes me pull hair out and frustrates me if we got decent offer would move him on. Also Washington simply donít have it

                Woz was fantastic as was bids, ned and Furlong and credit to ollie for getting them playing second half
                Would you really move him on, 11 assists and 5 goals is not bad for a lower mid-table side. If we had decent strikers that assist number would be much higher too.


                • Not unless the offer was decent. I said in another thread his stats for me kind of camouflage some of the other bits he don’t do so well. An awful lot of moves slow or breakdown because of him so it’s swings and roundabouts

                  I do like him though, I’m not a hater, I’m just not as convinced by him as others.


                  • Every season loads of managers get lauded for bravery and vision and hailed as tactical geniuses for "playing the kids". I reckon its just a case of being skint and desperate...... a last throw of the dice from a coach/manager with nowhere to hide and at the end of their tether.