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Shorter games?

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  • Shorter games?

    What does anyone think of the suggestion to reduce the length of games below 90 minutes?

    On first thoughts I think it smacks of desperation, and would not fully represent the outcome that would have been if a full game was played

    Therefore its an artificial outcome just to get the season done.

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    If it's behind closed doors which it will be if they do kick off again this season I don't see why they couldn't play 30 a half


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      Oh what the hell how about 3 games per day 7mins a half job done
      I played sunday league football today.

      Clearly I was the best player on the pitch.

      I scored 5 and made 7 last ditch tackles.

      We lost 5-0 but the rest of my team were sh it!


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        5 aside?
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          how would man utd get a goal in the 97th minute, and Liverpool a 91st minute penalty.....no your right.


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            Don't worry the big teams will still get all the decisions going their way , they must hate var , games every 3 days , scrap all cups next season . Make CL for champions only play home and away in the format of the European cup . Will take a couple of years to catch up .sky call the shots but both sides will need to concede a little


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              Thing is there is going to be another 3 weeks of lockdown, the season isn't going to get done, FA need to get real greedy w###ers.


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                given how many we let in during the last 5 minutes of each half, i'm up for this.


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                  How is shorter games and neutral venues going to help anyone . If they do restart playing behind closed doors is all that’s needed .


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                    It's all very tawdry and desperate. To be honest, if they persist with these crackpot ideas I can see me going off football permanently and for good. I'm pretty sure genuine match-attending fans are pretty sanguine and philosophical about things - I get the feeling it's just the media and armchair fans who are clamouring for football to return ASAP in any guise possible.


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                      I'd sooner see the season ended and declared void. You can't play part of a season under one set of rules and the rest under another and expect everyone to accept the outcome. The end result will always be looked on as a joke by a large number of people.

                      In the interest of fairness, I'd like to see the season resumed as normal as soon as it's safe and practical to do so. If that then knocks next season out then so be it. Have a long break and start again in 2022.
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                        There’s too many loopholes that will involve legal teams to void season imo. If Leeds as example don’t go up there skint, sky will ask for money back from FA for non fulfilment. The whole things a can of worms they don’t want to open.

                        also surly has to be easier to finish a 70 % season than expect to start a new one in August. As someone else put only champions play champions football again over 2 legs. Could start next season in October not play international matches fa cup league cup and catch up lets be realistic clubs don’t take cups serious anyway and unless there’s a vaccine there won’t be fans in stadiums until then either

                        The biggest dilemma is the media because football sold out to it years ago for tv rights


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                          This season will need to finish as it was started even if that doesn't commence until Aug/Sept. If next season needs to follow a month after to follow for transfers then why not shorten games to 60mins to support a condensed season. Personally I think they should play 90 mins, scrap the cups and use all plays in their squads.


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                            Aren't a lot of players going to be out of contract on 30 June? Just wondering how that effects finishing the season late with possibly depleted teams.


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                              Interesting point.

                              If players are out of contract will they be snapped up by other teams at wages they'd accept? If they are then the richer clubs (if there are any) will benefit from a stronger squad. Poorer clubs will be weaker. So if the season is played out, results will not be a true reflection of what might have been. Is that a reason to null and void this season?

                              If players do not get snapped up, I suspect they would have to agree on a pay for play basis until they get a new contract from whoever.