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Is Joe Lumley's time at QPR up?

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  • Is Joe Lumley's time at QPR up?

    Liam Kelly looks to have that no.1 spot locked-down, and it looks as though Lumley could be on his way out in the summer..

    Here's my take on it, and here's what other QPR fans had to say on the matter on Twitter: https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/as...second-chance/

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    click bait post, not worth the time it takes to read my reply.


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      True but Jo needs to go. He costs us a goal a game, our defence costs us 1 normally too.


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        Joanna will be behing Kelly and Dieng next season. A loan out or 50k transfer seems a certainty now.


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          Should have bitten Bristol City's hand off in the Summer! Thrown in to the first team too soon and way out of his depth throughout. Needs to move on to save my sanity for the forthcoming season. His mistakes must have cost us at least 12 points this season.
          15 years in the wilderness will be a distant memory come Sunday 8th May 2011.


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            Loan him out; see if he can regain his confidence. Promote Dieng as backup. Keep looking for a true veteran in and beyond the summer window.

            Big thing is QPR needs to build from the back, not from the front. Also means we shed Hall, sign a hoss CB, and perhaps draft a defensive midfielder as well.


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              Think Dieng has every chance of claiming number 1 spot next season. Nothing against Kelly who has done well since gaining his place.

              Think Lumley is now a distant 3rd place. Probabaly needs to move away.


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                I must away now, I can no longer tarry
                This morning's tempest I have to cross
                I must be guided without a stumble
                Into the arms I love the most


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                  Best team in the world
                  Sort of


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                    Not necessarily dead in the water here but agree needs some time away to try and rebuild his confidence. Way too error prone this season and still a young player so difficult to come back from. Also agree could see him being number 3 next season if not loaned out.