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  • Built to Last?

    When Warbs said he could start the same XI Saturday as he did this past Tuesday, that was not an idle boast. It reflects the amazingly cool job he/Les/Hoos did putting a new team together where the players can become somewhat interchangeable. Unlike last season, it could mean we won't wear thin (or wear out) as we move into the last stages of the grueling grind of the Championship. Consider the pieces now in place that can be mixed and matched without a huge diminution of impact:

    Lumley (Kelly)
    Rangel (Kane)
    Hill (Leistner)
    Barbet (Masterson)
    Manning (Wallace or Niko)
    Cameron (Scowen)
    Ball (Amos)
    BOS (Shodipo)
    Eze (Chair)
    Pugh (Smith)
    Hugill (Wells)

    Every player (and fan) seems to be comfortable playing this new upbeat, on-the-front-foot brand of football. So if one goes down Warbs can insert a new piece that will complement the game already being played.

    Imagine Eze being fresh, not shopworn, in March. Same for our two forwards. Same for our goalies & defenders.

    THIS is what could make 2019/20 different than ANY other season in memory. And who doesn't want that?

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    Great post, says it all


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      Originally posted by Ronnie Rangers View Post
      Great post, says it all
      Thanks. Makes for a very interesting season ahead -- at least on paper.


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        Originally posted by Qprtanpa1 View Post

        Thanks. Makes for a very interesting season ahead -- at least on paper.
        Gonna be a great season on the Grass, no pun intended, I'm such a liar,the same people telling us to calm down, it's only three games, will be the same people on here with their cocks out when we lose, so, enjoy the moment our team are looking great and the moaners have nothing to say right now, no creativity is like saying the Rolling Stones don't Rock!!


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          The potential depth of this squad is what has me most optimistic, SM had us playing some good football for spells last season then injuries really weakened us and he couldn't adjust, so far I'm liking our new playing style, there will be growing pains even with this squad and a manager who seems competent!