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What's going on?!?! Questions & Thoughts...

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  • What's going on?!?! Questions & Thoughts...

    1: Has McClaren lost the dressing room or was last night how good we really are?

    2: How long do we have to exercise financial prudence until the FFP nonsense has passed?

    3: Do you think relegation is coming this season or next? Are we just delaying the inevitable?

    4: Would a few seasons in League 1 be that bad? We could develop our 'youth' players by giving them regular first team football and a taste of success in winning the league? And would it be worth bringing in Ainsworth to oversea this?

    5: Should we just struggle on in the Championship with McClaren until we can spend again and build a new squad and challenge for promotion?

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    Having flashbacks to the seasons in the prem with point 4.


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      1) he has lost the dressing room. we don't have the best players in the league but its hardly like we have awful ones, many of our players should be doing far better.

      2) we'll keep a tight purse forever imo unless we somehow sell someone for big bucks. even then we'd only spend half of what we brought in.

      3) if we stick with macca then we will get relegated.

      4) i don't want to get relegated, we have brought our problems on ourselves but i still don't want to go down. ainsworth is ready to step up now and could do a good job with us.

      5) NO


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        Point 3,We will be fine, Cameron is back, Rangel canít be far behind him.
        I have supported Rangers for 50 seasons.


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          1. No - We were poor last night but this same team has shown it can compete with the better teams in this league - Leeds, Villa,etc - too many players under performing
          2. No idea - but i think this is the future - we will not return to the big spending days
          3. No - we won't go down this season or next.
          4. Would be a terrible idea..the last time was hideous
          5. I think thats the future - Trying to find the way to move forward..any manager that comes in will be under the same handcuffs - several of the players have publicly said they like Mclaren.


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            Originally posted by Joe90 View Post
            4: Would a few seasons in League 1 be that bad? We could develop our 'youth' players by giving them regular first team football and a taste of success in winning the league?
            As much as I think we have enough in the squad to be a top of the table League 1 side, I would also not be surprised to discover that our youth players are not as great as we all think.

            In short, the thought of League 1 terrifies me.


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              1) Probably. We're not a great side - some players are very over-rated - but the lack of passion must come from McClaren losing them.

              2) Forever. If anyone thinks we will - or should - spend well beyond our means ever again then they are very, very naive.

              3) Looking at the fixtures it is difficult to see us getting more than 2 more wins and a draw or 2, so 8 more points. That should keep us up but we only have 2 matches left against sides with nothing to play for as things stand at the moment; Swansea and Blackburn...

              4) Relegation doesn't need to be a bad thing. My only worry is that lording it in League One and convincing ourselves we were a big club sowed the seeds for the financial ruin we ended up with., It should be used as a chance to remind ourselves what QPR is really about rather than what some wish it was about.

              5) We may not have the choice! As for the spending, see my answer to question 2. The days of reckless spending are never coming back.