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  • No passion

    After the cup loss our season effectively ended, or so we thought. When we play teams with pressure on them, we go through the motions and wait for something to happen. In the mean time, the opposition dig in and take their chance. Collectively the team is already sunning themselves and enjoying their time off. Trouble is, our players arenít good enough to do that. Iím beginning to wonder if we would be better off going down, as it looks inevitable next season. The younger players arenít Championship standard ( or even below. Look at Oteh at Walsall). Thereís no money and no real direction or belief on the pitch.

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    I've conceded that we are of the level of teams like Wigan, Reading, Rotherham, Bolton, Millwall, Barnsley and Charlton.

    I don't expect anything other than a struggle in this division showing passion or not because we are simply league 1 standard.


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      I accept we are not a top 10 side but what i do not accept is the lack of passion , drive or energy showed by that team last night (Bright - samuel aside.) Completely devoid of ideas..no one shouting on the pitch , no leadership . Hoof ball all night. Poor poor poor!