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  • On my way home

    I am not sure what to say, that must go down as one of the worst 90 mins of football I have watched, up against 10 men for 80 + minutes we were totally devoid of any ideas. Build up was painfully slow, movement non existent and passing simply pathetic.
    Im not the sort of fan who wants constant change of manager, however 1 win in 10. and a team playing as poorly as that makes me wonder if McLaren is up to the job.
    Stoke possibly the best feed team in the Division with fat over weight slow lumps coasted through the 80 minutes with 10 men, our big hoof up the field was easy fayre for their slow back 4, all we had to do was play on the floor at pace and a easy 3 points was there for the taking.

    Motm Bloody hell that is nigh on impossible to call, possibly BOS as he at least run at defenders.
    Special award to Hemed for possibly the worst and laziest performance I have seen from a forward, has the speed of a slug, and is a total waste of space.
    Just want to stay up this year, however where we go next season I shudder to think.

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    On the rattler home. Agree.

    I can't remember one incident save for the stamp.
    Stoke kept their shape for the whole match, which is surprisingly as they went down to 10 players early on and are rubbish.

    It was like watching the one show in a park for 90 minutes on a windy day with the sound down. I'm numb.


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      Can't disagree with anything Romford said, that's how it looked on the big screen, a truly awful game of football!


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        Spot on summary I could of gone home at ht
        imo the decent run we had has glossed over the fact were shite.

        As for keeping hemed id sign my mum in front of him. No mom today

        get to 50 ASAP and recall kids as Ive never been so peed of after a game


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          Awful. Absolutely awful.

          Can I just pull up Luke Freeman... Don't give the crowd surprised and dirty looks at the end of a match when the team get booed. Try to work out why it has happened.


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            Uninspired. I made the mistake of watching it at work with a Toronto fan who was confused, as he thought The Championship was supposed to be better quality than MLS
            Minds Are Like Parachutes.
            Work Best When Open...


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              i took my nephews to their first home game of the season. cost me an extra 80 quid today for that dross. its a bloody embarrassment putting on that sort of toothless display


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                our build up play is sooooo slow! scowen wants about 20 touches as does luongo. We didn't have a clue how to break them down


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                  Your right about the slow build up play, sideways passing. We are in desperate need of a big clear out over summer. I would stick with Lumley he will improve, sign rangel for RB, keep Boswell as Lb and maybe sign another one for.competition, I would sell Leistner if villa pay 5million, keep lynch for back up, sign X2 CB then have furlong and hall defence sorted. I would sell scowen and luongo to similar and need a quality centre mid who can control game Barry bannan type, even Ryan woods whonosnwn stokes bench great footballer at Brentford. Keep wzloek,.Bos, Smyth, chair and 100 per cent Freeman. Now EZE I would consider any offers as.he doesn't offer enough on pitch. Now up front keep.big Smith as impact player, sign two strikers proven one and a.lower.league one with Oteh. Yeah I no asking alot but when watch other teams in league the better ones all have spine of there team with proven quality where we don't.


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                    Thanks for the summary. Decided not to go today and by the sound of it didn't miss anything. Worrying that we weren't able to step up a gear and kill the game off. Hopefully we'll do better against Rotherham on Wednesday, if we can beat them we're in trouble! I wonder if the lack of movement is down to fitness or tactical ineptitude?


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                      Agree that it was an awful game with 2 poor sides that lack any conviction going forward.

                      Don't see anything that Hemed brings to the team at all. A total waste of a shirt IMO.