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Another angle for replacing holloway.

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    Originally posted by SheepRanger View Post
    So CR gets turned over again? Chris is producing the goods under his own steam without interference from a so-called proper coach.
    SM wouldn't be brought in to replace or undermine CR at all. CR is in charge of the u23 and under set up. Schteve will be in charge of first team. Which now seems to include so many u23's because they have done so well and we are letting so many seniors go. I have no doubt they would work well together. I think Schteve gets a lot more schtick than he warrants. You clearly must have something about you if you take Middlesbrough to a Europa final, win the Dutch league with unfancied FC Twente. Derby County to the playoffs and outplay the opposition (us) and get the England job. Was doing ok at Derby last time too by all accounts and had them playing good football. Facebook has the daggers out for him already saying how bad he is as a manager. Well I'd take the above over Ollie's stint here and Millwall any day of the week


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      Facebook is for kids and have heard so QPR fanpage gets pretty nasty not sure if thatís true or not


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        In reply to the OP, I want peace on Earth.
        Banning people is no longer my hobby,
        but take a look at my photo blog:


        How and why did I start supporting QPR in Estonia:


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          Good thread hits. For me Ive got a shed load of reasons why i dont want the experienced apprentice here, but that "farking ridicules hat's" up there .......

          Only reason TF backed him so much, wasn't because he wanted to, it was because he had to. Made another managerial fark up and he new it. So instead of finding a replacement and risk showing everybody how farking inept he is (because thats honestly all TF cares about, what people think of him) he shut his eyes, covered his ears and went along with the ride. Tbf he got "lucky", but still even this muppet surely knows he HAS to make the call now. And for me SM is a good fit - timing/ knows the club/great experience/we've good a very decent squad already to work with etc