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    Originally posted by QPRDave View Post
    I have to admit I have feared relegation under the Bristol Mussolini since about sept, and although I agree 13 pts
    is probably too big a gap even for QPR to #### up, I won't be entirely happy till we are safe by sums.
    I was looking at that last game at Leeds thinking we'll have to get something there to stay up.
    I suppose we still might, (see i can't relax)
    But yeah 13 pts is a good cushion and better than I hoped for
    Think difference between this season and last season is some teams got a wriggle on last season which meant all of a sudden we were losing every game and they were catching up. This season is so poor. None of them making a fist of it. We have been poor but still picking up points against those below us.

    If we average out points for season we would finish on 55 which would be ample. However we do have more away games to play than home so say more likely 52. Poor but enough to stay up most if not all seasons. For me not good enough for this group of players but I am confident we have averted disaster this season.

    Next season probably more of the same. Would only need a slight dip though and better opposition lower end and we could end up in trouble. Main reason we got away with it last season is we didn't have Ollie all season! We really should be changing manager in the summer but we won't.


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      Good post foxy, agree with a lot of that.
      Hope you are right and nothing disastrous happens. I have been quite pleased with how we have fared results wise
      at home against the teams around us, generally done well, and that makes a huge diff.
      I would like to see a change in management too...I have seen people mention Wildthing, which is fair.
      But If Gareth is being considered i think Derek Adams at Plymouth should also be considered, as should Paul Cook Wigan.
      Younger man Paul Clement would be one I'd like. Of course there's Steve McClaren out of work at the moment, and
      I've got a liking for Warburton too .....But yes I agree we can't afford to pay compo for anyone and Ollie is secure


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        If we improve on last seasons finish of 53 points it will be difficult to shift him,he did promise better this season and said "we would surprise many" ,so anything over 53 points should be classified as an improvement.


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          He has surprised me. Thought we were fair game to go down! As it is we have just been poor which is a positive.


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            If we can finish outside bottom 10 it can be considered a big success and I will be left eating my words and bidding a sad farewell to this board. For what it's worth I think the likelihood of this happening is extremely slim,I can't see us winning 5 of our remaining games.