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    How much of the club does Ruben Gnanalingam actually own?

    According to the 2016/2017 annual report his ownership per 31 May 2017 was 51,17%.

    According note 21 to the same report the directors agreed to capitalize Rubens unpaid outstanding shareholder interest, but this wasn't completed before 23 August 2017, so after the close of the 2016/2017 accounts. I am no financial expert, but the way I understand it the ownership share of 51,17% published in the report is the correct one per 31 May last year, but this changed three months later.

    If I get it right, total number of shares before the capitalization of Rubens outstanding interest was ca 6.401M shares. The outstanding interest was exchanged for 7.486M shares, making total number of shares 13.887M shares. If all the new shares were subscribed by Ruben, his ownership increased from 51,17 % to 77,5%. I am happy if an accountant among us could confirm this.

    I assume a new process of capitalization of outstanding interest will happen again at the end of this season, bringing Rubens holding even higher, to ca 90%.

    I believe it is just a matter of time before the other shareholders are completely diluted and it is just Ruben left.

    Tony Fernandes might be Rubens co-chairman in the name, but in reality this is now a total Ruben Gnanalingam show. I think we should be exceptionally happy Ruben has provided all this cash lately - if not be would probably be history! Those that wanted Tony out has at least got the wish. He is nothing but a puppet king right now - it's all about Ruben.

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    It's a bit of a mouthful as a chant. That might be a downside.


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      Gnamalangadingdong could work though..


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        Originally posted by Hubble View Post
        Gnamalangadingdong could work though..


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          Or could be just shortened to Lingam. Google that if you don't know what it means


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            Siniwatra, when he was chairman at Man City was known as Frank!


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              Or just Ruben?
              To the tube of Ruby by the Kaiser Chiefs?
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              Pawel Wszolek - 6
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              Ebere Eze - 4
              Joel Lynch - 3
              Tomer Hemed - 3
              Toni Leistner - 2
              Massimo Luongo- 2
              Angel Rangel - 2
              Bright Osayi-Samuel - 2
              Geoff Cameron - 1
              Aramide Oteh - 1
              Jake Bidwell - 1
              Jordan Cousins - 1

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                To the tune of No Limit

                Na Na ..Na Na Na Na..Na Na Na Na ..Na Na Gnana ..lingham..

                I'm assuming its a silent G


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                    Interesting that for a majority share holder he takes a back seat.

                    Just in case anyone thinks otherwise, we are a very long way from debt free and will pay massive interest on shareholder loans. I wont be chanting his name at 12.5%.


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                      I am happy to chant his name. Very thankful he has parted with 50-60-70m over the last 2 or 3 years to keep us afloat, after the financial mess created by Tony and the Mittals. It looks like we make sound financial decisions under Ruben. He is steadying the ship within the difficult financial constraints we have (FFP), and hopefully we are slowly establishing a good platform to build from.


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                        If I can pronounce it I'm willing to chant it


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                          Oslo this fellow has always been a major shareholder so would have been involved in creating the financial mess caused.


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                            Goodbye Ruben on Tuesday
                            We can put the blame on you.....


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                              Originally posted by 1973 ranger View Post
                              Oslo this fellow has always been a major shareholder so would have been involved in creating the financial mess caused.
                              And paid for it.