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Smyth and Eze

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    Originally posted by Stanley View Post
    With wingers too, or is that too much to ask for?
    442 with Smith and Smyth up top and plenty of crosses. If only eh
    "When you went to the corner and saw our fans celebrating the way they were you just wanted to be part of it" - Shaun Derry after we beat the scum 1-0


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      Originally posted by hal9thou View Post
      the worst part of it is that this is not like a new issue. I remember discussing the transition problem with Naz under JFH. It was poor then too, and hasn't improved. Neither has the off the ball movement.

      You do have to say though that we don't have a gamechanger in midpark. Probably the least creative Rs side in my time, or close enough.
      Wing backs are key to transition but when you play people who aren't specialised in that role, they're too scared to move through the transition. As has been said, Wszolek is too scared to burst forward because he's worried about who will cover behind him and same is said for the other side. Without specialists who know how to play the system it's useless.
      "What stats allow you to do is not take things at face value. The idea that I trust my eyes more than the stats, I just don't buy that because I've seen magicians pull rabbits out of hats and I know I just know that rabbit's not in there." - Billy Beane


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        Originally posted by Bill View Post
        Said it when he came back Eze has the potential to be real quality,with the right coaching
        And is beginning to shine