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      Originally posted by corbray View Post
      tony seems to be doing the right thing and taking a back seat in the club. i agree that he lead the club into this mess in the first place and has been a terrible owner for the most part, but at least he's not been a heartless owner like other clubs. if he lets lee hoos do his job we might turn out okay.
      nothing we can do about the past now
      The trouble is the clown he's left in charge the so called DOF? has made so many bad appointments and isn't doing a good job


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        Sorry to state obvious but only way we'll be attractive to any potential buyer is if we somehow get promotion.

        That's even if TF&co are looking to sell.


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          Originally posted by Hitman34 View Post
          Amen to every single word of that.

          Could not have put it any better.


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            Originally posted by CroydonCaptainJack View Post
            #HappyClapper #Fanboy


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              Originally posted by West Acton View Post
              Don't be silly no apology required mate.

              TF has been a disaster no one can defend otherwise but something in back of my head says if he could just toughen up and run us as a business we're on to a good thing as he's genuine, committed and enthusiastic that's what any club would want from its owners but he seems unable to make sensible decisions which he clearly can as proven by air Asia

              Air Asia is low budget airline taking on and beating the big boys on a budget well below what others have. That description was us and should be us now that's QPR. But he's come in Forgot all principles which made his company a success and instead tried to run us like we're a big boy when we're not

              That's why I'm not against this back to basics approach we certainly need to invest some money still but think we have proven last few years when it comes to money it's not the answer.
              And that's our problem. It's to late.

              He should of done exactly as you said but now we're picking up the pieces after an absolutely disastrous few years of mismanagement and it'll take years to rectify.

              Only way out is promotion and the massive it brings. Unfortunately we're gonna be closer to league 1 than the PL with our current strategy.


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                Originally posted by Jimmy Floyd Rabbit View Post
                #HappyClapper #Fanboy
                #apparentlynomiddleground #ifyoudontagreeyoumustbeahappyclapper


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                  Originally posted by Jimmy Floyd Rabbit View Post
                  Sorry mate but he's an absolutely awful chairman. You lead from the front.

                  Awful appointments - Beard, Ramsey, Ferdinand, Holloway etc, lets not start on the players & agents.

                  Talks himself into a world of shite on twitter - what other chairman does this?

                  Continually selects the wrong managers when much better available.

                  Never sacks or backs at the right times.

                  OOC? We've seen all the graphics and plans, so???

                  Warren Farm - disputes yes but ffs any other club would have looked at plan B or ploughed ahead with another plan.

                  Dishing out contracts that couldn't be afforded.

                  Now he thinks the way to deal with things is spend nothing.

                  Sorry but he's an absolute clown and an idiot of a man. If he was an employee he'd be sacked after the first month. As it's his money we're not that lucky.

                  I can't wait till the fool f ucks off and never returns. Absolute disaster.
                  Excellent post Jim
                  C'Mon You Supaaaa!!


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                    Originally posted by The General View Post
                    Please also remember that we received over 200 million in Tv rights being in the Prem twice ffs
                    145m but whichever way you look at it that dough got wasted


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                      Excatly why should a potential owner buy us? i just wonder.
                      Best team in the world
                      Sort of


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                        Originally posted by dave58 View Post
                        The trouble is the clown he's left in charge the so called DOF? has made so many bad appointments and isn't doing a good job
                        Goto say i personally think youre wrong a little, as we`ve got some very good youngsters coming through and one or two good signings!


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                          Think we can all kind of agree it has gone shape of pear but that is done and dusted whatever the rights and wrongs so question is what happens now?

                          Doesn't take a genius to work out we will not be spending big and as others have said we are not big so no point having expectations we should be regardless of owners. A good comparison someone made is we seem to almost have developed an expectation of being like Spurs. We are nowhere near that level in any respect.

                          We wanted rid of the flash 'Arry days and to run the club like it should be. Most of the big earners have been moved on and we are trying to bring in younger players we can develop. Looking at that in isolation don't think a bad job has been done. We have some good Championship players who could develop further. Another big area of concern has been our pitiful youth system. We now have several players in and around the first team in what I think has been a very short period of time from when we started trying to correct this problem.

                          Time and money being invested in backroom and training facilities. All working forwards the neglected infrastructure of the footballing side of the club.

                          There are no quick fixes and arguably the club has achieved a lot in the last year to two years in trying to get away from the disasters of the preceding years. No point looking back. Tony trusted the wrong people but can you blame him? Very respected and experienced footballing people.

                          My only real beef has been the last managerial appointment but I have moaned that decision to death. The rest I understood and supported and would be hypocritical for me to reinvent history now and say I knew all along they wouldn't work. Ollie don't and will never understand. Oh well he will either prove me wrong (sadly unlikely) or he will be gone by Christmas.


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                            Piece of p*ss running a football club....can't see how TF fcked it up to be honest


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                              Originally posted by upperloft View Post
                              Excellent post Jim
                              Don't say it to loudly mate the #HappyClapper #FanBoy Croydon won't be amused.

                              Head. In. Sand. Syndrome.


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                                Originally posted by Pinkie View Post
                                Goto say i personally think youre wrong a little, as we`ve got some very good youngsters coming through and one or two good signings!