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Warburton Signs!

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  • Warburton Signs!

    Warburton has signed a new contract up on offish.

    Doesn’t indicate how long he has signed for but in my opinion this is fully deserved and exactly what we need. The style of football he has installed is a pleasure to watch and I think it’s fair to say we have all got that buzz back which maybe had been lost before his arrival

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    Brilliant news cheers.

    I agree the plan has been there for a while bwhit look time to mine the players on who weren't good enough or weren't motivated. His football principles and his interaction with the board have always been top drawer in my opinion. But like some it was very hard last Nov/Dec.


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      It was frustrating at times in November and December but a load of encouraging signs behind the results, and I was never in doubt it would turn out well. Warbsball takes time to drill and a lot of pieces gradually fell into place despite missing results. The most important ingredient required in such case is patience.

      Austin and Johansen were very important incomings in January but it it is a lot of other reasons also why it finally fell into place.

      Wallace finally returning from injury is often overlooked as a reason for upswing in results, and young new players such as Dickie, Willock and Dykes took time to bed in. Three at the back was also vital.

      Most players tend to gradually get better and better under Warburton which is the reason I am optimistic about the future. We could be at the start of a new good era for QPR.

      What a grand mistake it would have been to fire Warburton in December. A new improved contract is very well deserved.


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          Warburton not playing down QPR’s promotion hopes

          He said: “I can’t sit here and say to the fan base ‘Let’s come 12th’ or ‘Let’s finish above halfway’, because last year we came ninth – two points off of seventh – and we’ve got to keep working.

          “So obviously we want more points, more clean sheets, a better goal difference and a higher league position this season – that has to be our aim this season.

          “I’d be foolish to say ‘Just do the same again’. We’ve got to keep moving forward. Let’s see where we are in May.

          “I can’t just sit here and say ‘Top half of the table’ – far from it. We have to be better.


          Yes lets do it !!