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  • New Warning System & Announcement

    During the last month or so, there have been a few discussions "behind the scenes" so to speak, as to what we want to achieve with this forum and how we should incorporate the moderation of this site, in order to help achieve those goals. These came about primarily from one question about how the forum has changed over the last few years and, believe it or not, our continued dissatisfaction with the current system of infraction points. Not only, but mainly due to the confusing nature of it.

    In terms of what we want the forum to offer, that is quite simple. We just want a site where our members can come, obviously with the emphasis on discussions about the fortunes and misfortunes of the club that we all care deeply about, but with a general section in which pretty much any subject can be debated, subject to the usual parameters of legality and decency.

    We want every member to see this as a fun place to visit as well as being informative. We want them to be able to discuss serious football issues, but to also be able to indulge in good natured banter and have a laugh and a joke along the way. A place to air our opinions whilst being able to consider the viewpoints of other fans too, without the need to necessarily agree with them. No problems with a bit of ribbing and teasing, as long as things don't get nasty or over the top.

    A place to help out fellow fans where possible in terms of tickets and travel etc., and where lasting friendships can be formed, regardless of where you live or how often you can get to a game.

    Where fans are welcome to advertise their own businesses if they run them, for a very low annual fee.

    We want to start up an extra, more interesting competition with better prizes. Needless to say, these will be dictated by the amount of revenue that can be attracted by various advertising, bearing in mind that this site is completely independent and also has it's own running costs to maintain.

    And finally, what will no doubt go unnoticed by the majority of posters, we want to continue to make our monthly donations to the QPR related charities on behalf of our forum and it's members. Not because we have to, but because we want to.

    And if all that can be achieved, all that is expected in return, is that you don't swear at, insult or abuse your fellow members. Your fellow Rangers fans, who you may just happen to disagree with on certain points. And let's face it, pretty much the only thing that could spoil the enjoyment of such a site for others, would be if a small minority of people, those who have an over exaggerated sense of self importance, constantly and deliberately break the rules. We all know the type. Those that have previously driven and continue to drive people away, due to their repetitive boring threads and pointless whining about moderation issues. Those whose input consists mainly of causing friction, resulting in endless bickering and therefore simply ruining the forum as a whole for the vast majority of us who have no interest in such stupidity.

    This type of thing needs to stop for the benefit of everybody in the long term. As does excessive posting of subjects of a sexual or perverse nature. If you really cannot refrain from posting such content on here, then it is probably not the best forum for you. We do not want it, the vast majority of members don't want to see it and therefore, stricter measures will now be taken to eradicate it.

    Many members have commented on the confusing nature of the current system of infractions and the points that go with them. As a moderation team, we too find it can be difficult to both implement and explain. Therefore, it will now be replaced with something far simpler to understand.

    Should anyone post something that is either against the rules or the spirit of this site, then they will get a warning. Just the one though, as the next infringement will result in a 24 hour ban, as the points system is no longer in place.

    If they do it again, they will get one more warning before a 1 week ban will kick in. For those that persist, this will be followed by bans of 2 weeks, 3 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 3 months etc., although one additional warning will be given prior to any ban.

    We feel that this method should now be very clear to all and easy to understand. Furthermore, any public complaining about moderation decisions, or the starting of pointless threads coming out in support of somebody who has brought sanctions upon themselves, will be treated in exactly the same way, ie. warning / ban. If you genuinely want to ask a question as to why certain action has been taken, then simply PM one of us and you receive a reply in due course.

    Quite obviously, just as is the case now, only a tiny percentage of regular posters will be affected by these sanctions. And just as obviously, it is not something any of us want to be spending our time implementing. It is just a sad fact that in order for the forum not to be ruined for the majority, then measures such as those above are required to prevent it from happening.
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