nothing short of a miracle this man knows not how to lose
watching qpr at the top of the prem it was such a cruise
but neil; wasnt given enough money to strengthen team
so eventually it broke at the seam

wonderfull neil i wished you could read my poem
your a northerner whose got heart
and no matter how many year pass ill never recover from a broken heart
losing you has torn my whole world apart
us southerners like to think we have the ability to be fair and keeping you would have been a start

life will continue turning but we should not have put you on the tractor just yet
because one things for certain if you had been given the funds ,we have gone up that table like a jet
one day a statue made of solid gold will be fashioned inside our ground
and you know what we would never sell that ,not even for a million pound
so go forth oh great one go and join magical leeds
you become the new don revie you plant your seeds