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Thread: Team to beat Burton

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    Originally Posted by Fernandes Out
    Washington will play,I'd bet my left ####### on it.
    Its a dead cert ain't it.

    Ollie took him out of team because he was a target for the Gump posts.

    Now Smyth is injured, sylla nursing his sick daughter, it's a perfect opportunity for hollowhead to bring back

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    Atleast he recognises the job in hand here & in his words from a few years before! the bit about hard working teams though, all teams have goto work hard wether youve got flare or not, if you dont youll get had.

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    Posted it specially for you Pinks

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    Originally Posted by West Acton
    Posted it specially for you Pinks
    Haha very much appreciated thanks westy

    Thing is though hes right, but wont start off another moanathon

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    any team we put out should beat burton , if not we are really in trouble

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    burton 3 QPR 1

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    Originally Posted by midland R
    burton 3 QPR 1
    Is that the midland or the R speaking?

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    perch ned robinson bidwell

    luongo scowen

    Samuel Eze Freeman



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