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Thread: I know there are a few Stranglers fans amongst you...

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    Default I know there are a few Stranglers fans amongst you...

    ...this is f*cking incredible!

    30 years to the night after they first played the Roundhouse - with Baz Warne doing an amazing job replacing Hugh Cornwell...

    Rattus Norvegicustastic!

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    Timeless Hubs.
    One of many bands I wish i’d made the effort to see live.

    “Stick my fingers right up your nose “
    He'll regret it till his dying day, if ever he lives that long

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    I used to play keyboards in a Stranglers covers band. It was a thrill because Dave Greenfield was one of my favourite keyboard players at that time. The riffs in European Female, No More Heroes and Golden Brown were my favourites to play and always got the crowd going.

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    well done Hubs, fabulous band that I was lucky to see in pubs before they got too big. Will watch tomorrow as I've just got in after watching that dross this afternoon
    I must away now, I can no longer tarry
    This morning's tempest I have to cross
    I must be guided without a stumble
    Into the arms I love the most

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    the roberts ramblers were always turned up in camphill when golden brown came on

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    Wonderful band ....


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