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    Quality support from Fulham really showed us how to create an atmosphere.

    Maybe one day we'll manage a squeak

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    Go to bed retard...its way past your bedtime.

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    Is it true that the Michael Jackson statue did come to life at nights?

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    Originally Posted by Brian Wilson
    He is "secretly" a Ranger

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    A wannabe. Quite sad really.
    He does know that the internet is not as anonymous as some people think?
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    Not the loudest following given numbers but seemed to be having fun, need to come up with some innovative songs all of the ones which did reach other end were bit same old same old

    never sold out away end but nonetheless decent numbers

    Our end was poor but has been for years as majority fans are fed but that le not excuse we need to up our game.

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    Al fayed ohhhh al fayed ohhhh
    He wants to be a Brit
    He sold you now your s hit

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    Didn't realise it was the school holidays. Back to bed you silly little Tarquin tw@t.
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    I did notice how very young they were. It was like a posher version of Palaces ultras.

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    rupert, enjoy your cup final but dont keep pulling the dogs tail as you know or may not, ask your butler that when rattled we tend to take it out on the posh boys and give you a f ucking good shoeing.

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