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    Originally Posted by Brian Wilson
    Any evidence of this 1-0 prediction or did you keep it to yourself?

    rebels been had

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    1-1 draw, last gasp goal from smith off the bench
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    Wednesday didn't play particularly well last Saturday. Predicted 3 nil for us against Reading so will go with 2-0 to us this time. That is if IH doesn't faff around with the team.

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    0-1 (Luongo)
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    Same team as sat but with furlong for perch and same intensity then we can win it.

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    we can win if we play the same as we did v the fakes , c'mon u R's

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    Sheffield Sunday 2 QPR 2;
    Sheffield Monday 2 QPR 2;
    Sheffield Tuesday 2 QPR 2;
    Sheffield Wednesday 2 QPR 2;
    Sheffield Thursday 2 QPR 2;
    Sheffield Friday 2 QPR 2;
    Sheffield Saturday 2 QPR 2;

    I guess I'm just trying to say that it'll be a draw any day of the week.

    Of course if we win, it could be mistaken for a month of Sundays.

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    Went up there last year and was a poor game, Wednesday were poor and we weren't much better. Sloppy goal conceded and lost 1-0.

    Not sure if Wednesday will be as strong this season, speaking to their supporters last season it seemed as though last season was supposed to be/had to be their season due to all the big contracts they had their new signings and players on.

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    tough test not sure if they've got play off hang over, draw I think is best we'll get but a win there would be great and maybe breed confidence going forward for the next few tough games

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    Will be really good test and will give us an idea of where we really are in this league as they do have a good front line in their squad.

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    Predicted a 0-3 loss to the fake hoops so I'm hoping to be consistent and think Weds will do us 2-0

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    Draw one one freeman to score

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    Just go Out there and express yourselves lads. Or Something Like that. Im Off to the Boozer To travel the ley lines of perception via samuel adams boston lager. I'll Check Back on here at 4.45pm to learn of our 2-0 Victory at Sheffy Wendy, The Snort Beasts. Urssssssssssss

    Jai guru deva om.
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    2-1 R's (Luongo, Washington)


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