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Thread: Big up ollie for the new season.....

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    Originally Posted by vanhoop
    Copped it off your Mrs ?? I trust you ironed her and half ya mates out as any true Rangers man would. As for Olly I'm with him all the way, well 10 games. Not a great end to the season but feel it will get better. Patience is a virtue, the 45 year plan is well on target.
    Yeah i might live 45 more tears! My only saving grace was we were safe give him 10 games it wont change anything well be bottom half with 10-12 points

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    Erica now

    I'm a year older mind.......

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    Marvelous. Still a fine a figure of a woman :-)

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    Would get sunk to the brush on that one

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    She could easily pass for a bloke in a wig lets be honest ... michelle pfeiffer on the other hand is a true #### oh my god

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    Originally Posted by hal9thou
    Erica now

    I'm a year older mind.......
    You still would, right?

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    Originally Posted by Hubble
    You still would, right?

    many a good tune is played on an old fiddle ;)


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