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Thread: Use your QPR Cash quickly

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    Originally Posted by Hertford Hoop
    How does the money accrue in the first place? I have a few quid in but can't work out why....doh
    I think its to do with how much money you've spent thats been registered to your
    account, ie buying a season ticket gives you like 15-20 quid. Thats the only thing i can put it down too coz everything i've bought from the club has been done at the club shop itself

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    It has basically become a chance for all season ticket holders and or those who go to a lot of away games to get a free replica shirt in the club shop sale or other items if they wish

    Not sure if the club intended the idea to pan out like this but great for the fans

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    I`ve been trying since 17.04 after Wednesday game online and always gives an error...

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    Originally Posted by qpr333
    I`ve been trying since 17.04 after Wednesday game online and always gives an error...
    that's what it does to me , emailed the on line shop 4 days ago , still waiting for them to reply

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    Originally Posted by West Acton
    Just nipped club shop and got nipper a top. Shame dryworld went under as the gear has great fit and feels very decent
    You can have mine for him mate. Get him in the Hoops. Can't be raising a glory hunter.

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    Got about a tenner to spend, please can someone explain how to spend it online, asked on here before but nothing works. Don't want to phone as will cost a tenner to spend a tenner and I don't have the time to waste on Saturday. Please help, I'm going off my nut! Ps.what the phuck is sage pay.

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    it won't do it for me online either, won't phone the club as it cost 13 quid last time i called them , sent an email to the online site last week no reply

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    last time i called the club it cost me 117 pounds ,dont call them ,its embarressing
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    I also emailed them, still no reply. However, I received an automatic email from the club about my QPRcash which was different from the amount when logged to MyQPR by a pound and something. It seems that that was the problem when I was trying to maximise my QPRcash and was giving me an error. So, two days ago I used my QPRcash but not in full, paid only 0.99 difference (although I still have some money left in there), and yes, the order is fact! Still waiting for confirmation about the order being despatched though... My concerns are (as has happened before few times) that they will give excuses about the replica shirt no longer available...Well, it is all about getting the replica shirt, is it not!

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    As of yesterday I have still not received my order which I placed last Thursday and paid 3.50 for a standard 2-3 days delivery

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    My stuff arrived today. Also ordered last Thursday. Apparently they are very busy.

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    I have 31.80.

    I'll use it for the 5 Bankers Competition prize, Signed QPR shirt and maybe prizes that can be used for next season.

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    Are we entitled to points for away games too? I`ve been to most this season by the account only shows credits against season ticket, home games, stadium tour and merchandise bought from the shop.

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    Yes think you get for away games it box office when you get tickets need to link to your client ref

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    Originally Posted by IsleworthRanger
    Yes, just click the box that you have QPR cash to spend
    I can't find this bloody box! Where is it?


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