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Thread: Surely it's time to blame Karl Henry

  1. Default Surely it's time to blame Karl Henry

    When we're struggling it's usually down to him losing the ball, passing sideways and backwards and many promised we would be vastly improved side without him in it.

    Start of season we were s hit because he kept getting selected but alas Karl has not played in four months and we're s hit

    Let's blame him anyway f ucking Karl Henry always costing us points

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    Sir Kelvin getting canned at Forest away (?) helped get shot of Jimmy. Thank you, Kelvin.

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    Yep wests Mr Henry although vastly superior to young Give the ball away Manning he is still to blame .. Tell you what let's pass the he's proper useless and coat him off baton to Nedum then drop him and see how solid our new back 4 look like.


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