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    The last greyhound track in London to close. I know a few on here love their dogs. Kempton Park is supposed to be closing. Is horse racing going the same way?
    I must away now, I can no longer tarry
    This morning's tempest I have to cross
    I must be guided without a stumble
    Into the arms I love the most

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    Yeah the lower level tracks are dying Lymes. Will probably be all virtual races in the future. Although I see drone racing is now on sky sports

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    wimbledon just couldn't pull in the punters anymore , you could get in for a penny with a free burger and still 3/4's empty

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    Quite a cruel sport Lyme. They force feed etc etc so as an animal lover I am quite pleased about this. Greyhound's are very shy timid animals so really good to hear that Wimbledon the last track will close its gates
    I played sunday league football today.

    Clearly I was the best player on the pitch.

    I scored 5 and made 7 last ditch tackles.

    We lost 5-0 but the rest of my team were sh it!


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