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Thread: League Table Predictor

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    Originally Posted by amusant could get a job with Donald Trump
    Maybe Ive got one already

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    Originally Posted by Itsonlyagame
    Easy to miss sarcasm on a forum, unless it's Kevin McLeod of course.
    Hope your night out was worth it !
    hahaha thank you mate, the night out was, just got back from a gruesome dinner at a place called Wasted... if anyone is around the oxford street area, do not go to the restaurant on the roof of selfridges... they replaced the great restaurant with a 15 per dish mockery of a restaurant which uses food that usually goes to waste to make their meals.

    I now realise there is a reason why this food usually goes to waste... unfortunately, my tastebuds also know.
    "What stats allow you to do is not take things at face value. The idea that I trust my eyes more than the stats, I just don't buy that because I've seen magicians pull rabbits out of hats and I know I just know that rabbit's not in there." - Billy Beane


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