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Thread: Ted's Diaries

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    Default Ted's Diaries

    this diary is dedicated to the great factomondo who i never met
    i would love to one day, but its so emotional i may get upset
    old facto never stopped saying what he thought
    but in political correctness he often got caught
    love him or hate him you always heard it from the heart
    and now weve lost him its torn my world apart

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    Default who was the highest ever goalscoring winger

    yes mark lazarus with 77 goals was our record holding winger
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    Default i beleive in adel


    because adel understands barton more than any of the other qpr players he wouldnt say anything so stupid

    this is tabloid crap designed to destroy barton

    i hope we keep barton and he goes on to captain the england team

    then you can stick the sun.......................
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    i beleive in you
    i beleive that you can make our dreams come true
    but you must believe in your ability too
    twelve goals your gonna get as well
    as you develop your confidence and go through a magical spell
    then in two seasons time you will excel
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    Default could ryan nelsen be our player of the season next year

    well when you read about him ,everything about him points to a dave webb type player his goalscoring is consistent,he could well be a key player next season

    so maybe mark hughes can get the players that can get us into the top ten next season

    imagine if we get all free transfers so we dont have to pay five million to find these players

    we could then run at a profit on low gates,and still win the fa cup
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    Default who scored 7 goals in 116 apps

    known as the desperate dan of football
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    Default 40 appearences and 10 goals

    i dont know why we let him go,he could have been brilliant for us,but dont mention his name to old red nose
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    Dennis Bailey

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    Default well

    well done northolt i love your name,be proud of the 14 council estates that have stood against the world and neveer been defeated
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    Default center half

    center half with an eye for goal he was born in stratford east london and he was a proper cockney
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    Default he played 162 games and scored54 goals

    he had little ears.................
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    Niki Lauder
    Chelmsford City the home of Radio

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    Default fao matty,who was our greatest number ten

    matty as you asked what does it mean our number tens i shall tell you

    when i was at school man utd were the most iconic side around

    they had three superstars all playing at the same time

    charlton best and law

    children in london growing up used to buy man utd strips to wear even me i wore man utd colours at school,i also played in chelsea colours as a kid,but to be honest i cant remember shops stocking qpr tops
    but one player dennis law was a massive player we all bought the dennis law book of football i can remember all us kids buying boots too small for ourselves so that the boot would eventually mould to our feet

    it was very painfull but the great rodney marsh admits he copied a lot of the dennis law ideas stan bowles is another obvious dennis law type player as is stainrod johny byrne roy wegerle,these qpr players were all given the number ten

    i think next season adel might be given the number ten shirt
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    cheers Ted!

    I hope your feet have since recovered from that era!!
    You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.

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    Default yes

    yes dennis law reckoned you should buy boots one size to small for you then put your foot in a scolding bath of water and the leather should expand to the size of your feet

    but him being scottish i think it was a way of destroying all the young players in england,how could he forget that our feet were still growing

    the pain was excruitiating young matty and no my feet never recoverd one of my shoes sizes is seven and one is size ten

    its really weird
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