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Emails from the forums ***Please dont mark them as SPAM!!***

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  • Emails from the forums ***Please dont mark them as SPAM!!***

    We are trialling allowing thread subscription and other emails this forum can generate to be sent to users.

    If you do/dont want to receive emails for various forum related tasks then you can control this in the user control panel.

    Click User CP at the top left of the site
    Click edit options (on the left)
    Look for Default Thread Subscription Mode
    You can choose the subscription type there, which will control what types of emails you will receive from the forums.
    Click save changes at the bottom when done.

    You can unsubscribe from update emails for a particular thread or all threads using the links provided with in the emails.

    The emails this board sends are not spam. You can choose to opt out of them at any time by using either of the methods above. Please refrain from marking the emails as spam with your email hosting provider as this will cause our servers reputation with email servers to decrease. This will cause problems sending emails for all of my users and clients.

    If email deliver-ability for other users becomes an issue then the sending of update emails for thread subscriptions, password reminders etc from this board will have to be disabled!!!