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How do Brits afford the cost of living?

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  • How do Brits afford the cost of living?

    Hello there,
    I am genuinely bored at work most my day so I spend alot of time researching anything and everything. I live in the States, and one thing I am very curious about is how Brits can afford everyday life? Perhaps what I have seen online is not true, but it seems almost impossible to live in the UK based off of my salary in the states, which is mindblowing considering I am part of the "lower-middle class" (somewheres between 90-105k USD annually (72,000+ pounds).

    I will give you an example of what I pay for some common taxes and items and hopefully someone can give me the British equivalent.

    Housing 1064 (Monthly w/ taxes and insurance plus principal and interest) 130,000 total home loan

    Car insurance 75 monthly

    Car payment 400 Monthly

    Food/toiletries/diapers 600 monthly

    Oil (for heat) 100 monthly

    Electric (60-110) monthly

    Cell phones (150) Monthly

    Feel free to add in anything you would like to this list, or ask questions!

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    My car insurance around 250 per year , cell phone or mobile as we call it 11 monthly , housing 500 per month


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      Do you live in the greater London area?
      What really blows my mind is the cost of one or two bedroom flats in the London area. I understand that it is a major city like New York City stateside, but do employers take the cost of housing into consideration when offering a salary to a job candidate? Or are you still making 20,000k pounds per year like you would anywhere else in the country?