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  • Grenfell

    Call me Mr.Picky if you like.We've had a spate of knifings/murders,a 98 year old widower attacked in his own home suffering life threatening injuries....but prioritising a Police commander, a Police helicopter and a full forensic team to investigate the burning of an empty cardboard box?Can't quite put my finger on it but what's wrong with this picture?

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    It actually does throw up some massive contradictions. For example had someone done that and claimed it as a work of art and placed it or the footage in a gallery, I seriously doubt this kind of disproportionate fuss would have kicked in. Indeed I can imagine it being defended on the grounds that it represents a critique of the authorities concerned.

    The establishment is sensitive about Grenfell and its implications, and their heavy handed response is all about that. Arresting a couple of people for behaving in questionable taste has nothing to do with the victims or their relatives.


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      did they call the fire brigade in to confirm the seat of the fire in garden
      Chelmsford City the home of Radio