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AS Roma "ultras"

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  • AS Roma "ultras"

    Wathcing footage of their ambush boils my blood! If I'm ever in that situation I'm going to go in willing to take a beating as long as take out one of them and do some damage in the process. I would take great pleasure in hurting one those dirty fascist, I'd really put the boot in. Rant over.

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    you know football hooliganism has been beaten in this country when firms of Italians are over here cowardly picking on innocent family fans , they would never have had the bottle in the 70s ,80s or 90s.
    Plus how come the OB didnt wrap them up , its not as though they were inconspicuous , every aspiring English firm has the OB on their case as soon as theyve met up , let alone strolling round outside Anfield tooled up.
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