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Dodgiest pubs you've been in

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    Originally posted by Hitman34 View Post
    AH Yes, the portman arms.... thats the one.

    used to share a few pints with the scottish fella who sold the evening standard outside warick avenue station.
    We only used to go there when ireland were playing, not a very comfortable place to be having a pint personally.

    Paddington stop was charlie heaven, when you stepped into the bogs, it looked like a bakery with all the white powder everywhere.
    Did you live round that way Hits?


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      Talking of dodgy pubs mixed with stupidity, I hear Brizzle City went down to Millwall last week very early, a group of them came out of Bermondsey tube and plotted up in The Gregorian on Jamaica Road as a bit of a front and got absolutely smashed by a Millwall mob who were 60 handed down the road at Surrey Quays. The Gregorian has always been known as a tasty little gaff. Not the best choice to try and make a point.


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        Saw video on twitter of Bristol having it on their toes with Millwall in close proximity behind them


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          Originally posted by Jimmy Floyd Rabbit View Post

          The Dun Cow on the Old Kent Road
          All sorts in there back in the day....