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    Originally posted by vespa View Post
    i`m up for it mate ! I dont want to be the only one though ,reckon we need a good few more volunteers ...
    Are you going to put the questions up here first ,to see what everyone wants asked ?
    How long does everyone want the interview to last too ?
    Short and sweet is usually best I'd say 20 mins max should do it, but if we're having a great interview we can just carry on. Yes, we can poll everyone for a list of questions and yes, we need volunteers. Personally I'd also like to interview Jimmy Rabbit and Rangers 77, two of our more outspoken posters. I reckon JJB would be good value as well because I know him and I think most of our members will be surprised to see what he's like in the flesh!


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      This is shaping up nicely.
      Hubs, do you want to make seperate thread, so members can post questions they would like answered once the line up is announced?
      Once you have set it up I'll sticky it.
      Would be good to get a few test interviews done before end of season so that we can start the new season ready to go.
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