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  • Jose Mourinho

    RIP to your career. You've had some success but its well and truly dead. Just watched the mans interview on BBC and 12 mins of excuses. The bloke was trying to make out that Seville are a very good side full of quality. Reality is your side were pathetic and went out with a whimper. Talked mainly about the last 4 years. Comparing himself to managers that have also been massive failures. Plays the game in the wrong way and so opposite to how Sir Alex built his success. Pep has similar quality's of allowing players to express themselves. The game has well and truly moved on and as long as Jose is manager of Manchester united there will be no trophy's and zero entertainment.
    I played sunday league football today.

    Clearly I was the best player on the pitch.

    I scored 5 and made 7 last ditch tackles.

    We lost 5-0 but the rest of my team were sh it!

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    jose always looks so miserable , all managers make excuses when they lose . rednap and hughes never stopped . pogba what a waste of money the mans a showpony with stupid haircuts the punks did that in 77 , old hat now