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  • Alternative crypto-currency tips

    While I'm on the subject of investment tips - for those of you who have bought some crypto - Bitcoin or Ethereum mainly I would guess - you can always diversify your holding at fairly low risk with coins that are still very affordable. After discussing the pros and cons of various altcoins with a very knowledgable friend, here are my tips:

    EOS coin: early days still, the underlying framework hasn't been released yet, but when it does, expect a price jump. It's very similar to ehtereum, but has (apparently) api advantages. Current market price $1.18 https://eos.io/

    BAT coin - sounds great, but it's nothing to do with Batman. It is designed to work within the Brave browser (worth taking a look at this, it's super fast compared to Chrome or Firefox), and allows for an inbuilt tipping system that could really take off: https://basicattentiontoken.org/
    Current price $0.15

    Enjin coin: Enjin's USP is being a universal token for gaming. It's built by the people who have built all the MMO games platforms like World of Warcraft, so it has an excellent pedigree, and if it wins out as the universal token for in-game credits, its value will soar. Current price $0.02

    The first two can be simply exchanged for eth or btc in an Exodus wallet (if you have one).