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BT price rises

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  • BT price rises

    had a row with BT earliar , signed up for package in july 16 for 2 years , today got an email and a 3,50 rise per month, does anyone know if they have to honour the price they gave me in july , or can they put it up whenever they feel like it

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    I'll be written somewhere in the contract about price rises mate. You won't have seen it because it'll be on page 479 concealed in amongst a load of trivial shite that nobody wastes their time reading.
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      Bus they all do it. Virgin do it all the time. You can phone up the cancellation department and haggle but they can put up their price
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        Most firms won't tell you but I'm pretty sure if they up the price you have 14 days or so to cancel your policy


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          I've learnt the hard way that unless you get a guaranteed fixed price deal, they'll put it up and if you've agreed a fixed-term contract, you're stuffed. Of course it's always worth phoning them to complain, it can sometime yields benefits/discounts...


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            the contracts not worth the paper it's written on as every time they feel like increasing profits they can . they also told me today they are rising again on the 17th august when they will put up the price of BTsport
            so they are very clever as they break up my package and bring in increases on landline , bt sport , youview box and internet at different times . maybe i'll stop paying them soon