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Sheff U 2 QPR 1 **Match Thread**

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  • Originally posted by Stanley View Post
    Sounds like it, according to Kit.

    I gave up listening to his interviews months ago. Just sounds like the stream of consciousness of a madman.
    He sniffingly said, straight off, that the fans were singing we never win/ are so bad away, but he didn't agree with them.

    He does look like he's mad. Never looks at the camera, long pauses, stares into space. Seriously odd.


    • Originally posted by West Acton View Post
      Did Ollie take another pop at fans??
      Yep beginning of his interview, he seemed really agitated and took a few seconds to answer and when asked what he thought, said our fans were singing 'were not very good away' well i don't agree with that, we deserved something tonight and dominated for long spells and should have been ahead before we conceded etc etc etc


      • Didn't go but listened on the radio. Sounded like same old story, bad start, defense capitulates, we concede a couple, second half things pick up, goal against the run of play, but walk away with nothing as our strike force don't take their chances/team doesn't make chances.

        Story of our season really. Not many positives to take away from it. If it was the beginning of the season maybe but not at this stage. Despite the win, the Bolton game showed our failings and this game proves it. Let's hope we get an easy ride this Saturday.


        • Originally posted by wortonranger View Post
          Not sure what game you were watching. That was a pretty good showing all round. Up north? Midweek? Bodes well for next season and well done for the brilliant fans who, like our club, are or no way “ average”. That’s the one thing Rangers will never be.
          I wish our players would show as much pride as you do!!