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On way home | QPR 1 Sheff Utd 0

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  • On way home | QPR 1 Sheff Utd 0

    What a fantastic 4 days, top 2 played, 6 points, lovely.
    Tonight’s game was very different to Saturday, United are a big team who looked very basic to me, their defence is a shambles and upfront Leon Clarke is just ####ing useless, how they were top baffles me as I did not see anything about them to fear.

    However that said u have to stand toe to toe with these types of teams, and Rangers did exactly that, we were not as slick as Saturday and I thought Cousins and especially young Wheeler struggled badly in their wing back positions, not really surprising as neither player ever played there.We looked better balanced playing 4-4-2.
    MOTM is a tough call, again Robinson was brilliant, however I’m giving it to Baptiste who was truly outstanding, and to me marshalled our defence superbly.
    Midfield trio slightly out of form tonight with Scowen having a torrid time with his passing, Luongo the pick of the 3, however the others never hide and to their credit helped us across the line.
    Kudos to Holloway as he does still in my opinion make tactical errors, however the togetherness, fight and team spirit he has instilled is a pleasure to watch, and Holloway deserves a lot of credit for that.

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    Good summary and spot on about the boss

    Clean sheet we don’t get many of them and possibly quietest game Smithies has had since joining us. One save to make all night

    Overall really good day at the office


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      spot on about baptiste , why would anyone play that donkey clarke before billy sharp is beyond me


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        Absolutely buzzing this morning


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          Blue pill Dave???


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            Good summary Romford. My take on it; agree ref the wing backs struggling slightly, it was evident to me that Wheeler was far more comfortable going forward than he was defensively.

            We had a couple of moments early on when we fell asleep at the back and luckily weren't punished (namely when Clarke blasted over from about 8 yards out!).

            In terms of MotM; the usual 3 in the middle were class again (special mention to Josh Scowen who is absolutely class and covers every bade of grass 3 times over during most matches), Washington put in a good shift again, Robinson was solid once again but I fully agree with OP in giving it to Baptiste - he was an absolute rock at the back.

            I was really impressed with the tempo we played at, the midfield 3 especially - anytime scraps dropped, we were there picking them up, really good to see. Haven't enjoyed a home game like that for a while, really good atmosphere also.

            Roll on Forest Saturday - really hope we sell out and have a right good sing song!
            You should never underestimate the predictability of stupidity.


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              Originally posted by West Acton View Post
              Blue pill Dave???
              Haha who needs drugs when QPR are winning