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5 weekend bankers comp (w/e 1st Dec)

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  • 5 weekend bankers comp (w/e 1st Dec)

    Well done to ClemQPR & Bazza1966 for winning last months comp, hope you enjoy your prize.

    Also well done to RPQ & GingerNinja for topscoring last week with 5 points.

    So back to the current overall table, and MattyRangers is still up there at the top with Stanistheman;

    For this new month it is a 5 week competition, and we all start from zero, so a good time to join in if you have been watching but not playing, you know who you are. Prize is awarded for the top 2, (maybe something festive MYU)? to be confirmed.

    Prize's for the TOP 2 players are

    Donation 5.00 each to QPR In The Community Trust and the Kiyan Prince Foundation.

    For this weekend, we are back to choosing our banker wins from all four divisions of the english leagues, plus the F A Cup ties, and the simple instructions are:-

    1. Choose your 5 winning teams for this weekend (add reserves in case your games are called off). One point scored for each correct prediction

    2. Indicate your best banker as *NAP* for double points

    3. Predict the total number of goals scored by your 5 teams for a bonus point.

    So total of 7 points available.

    Latest table is configured to show the overall total positions.