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Could we sell more than Luton for a wembley game?

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    Originally posted by 3London View Post
    nine london clubs bigger than us? i can think of 5 maybe but 9! are you suggesting millwall, orient and brentford are bigger clubs?
    nope they are the only one's 'smaller'!!!
    you know nothing john snow!!!!


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      Luton fans to Wembley

      Lootown have sold 37,800 and FA are giving them a further 850.
      They've given hundreds if not thousands to local Schools / Youth Teams and your right, many going are friends of fans. Many are just going for the day out / drink up. 53 from my local alone, only a dozen or so are regular fans. Final swansong etc.

      S****horpe have sold 12,000. FA say the 800M Wembley cannot cater for segregation between 38k and 12k fans ! So Around 30k/35k of seats will be empty. Brilliant eh ? Alot of valuable gate money lost out.

      Also the FA/FL have refused Luton permission to make their Under 11 team mascots for the day, ie. 1 per Full Team player. Their Under 11 team recently beat Bayen Munich to win the final of a prestigous tournament (Man Utd lost in earlier round).
      How good would it have been for 15 or so 10 year olds to walk out at Wembley with their heroes in front of 38k fans (including families) applauding them for their achievement ? Even the Scunny fans would have joined in.
      Incredible, sometimes the FA/FL amaze.......still it's only Lootown.

      Shame Gallen can't play (cup tied)