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Do the board not get frustrated.

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  • Do the board not get frustrated.

    They must be able to see that the 5mil they spent in transfers in january 2008 brought the team up to a different level.
    Surely they must be able to see that another 5mil needs to be spent in order to take that extra step towards promotion.

    Why not use the extra income we are getting from advertisement deals, abbey,lotto, chronotech,red bull, catering company. Extra income from increased ticket prices and merchandise sales. All other income to BUY BUY BUY.

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    marc, you need to sectioned, no-ones going to believe that


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      most of these sponsorship deals are heavily spun, so to bring in serious money are dependent on promotion. as for increased prices of tickets that doesn't bring in more revenue if there are less sales.
      at the moment the problem seems to be a bit chicken and egg - the board are not spending till they see signs of increased support, and supporters are not renewing till they see signs of spending. its a novel thought, but dialogue might help...


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        They can see that, i think they know they need to spend more money, but in order to do that i guess we have to do our bit aswell i.e. buy season tickets, thats why they know they cant muck up again with there next management appointment, if they make it a bad one the majority wont buy.....
        Whatever happens they want to turn over a profit, that aint gonna happen unless we make it to the premiership! So looking at it like that i guess you could say everything boads well for us, some critise them for being business men/there hearts not in it, well if thats true to make that profit they will need to take us into the prem, which is ofcourse where us fans want QPR fc to be, basically its a win win situation for us fans imo.

        Lets not forget alot has been spent off the field, ok not in all the right places, but everything thats been done has been done for a reason, that reason, to make QPR comfortable in the prem, nobody wants us to get up and struggle....ok maybe Fulham.
        Likelyhood is when we get there Loftus will need a massive shake up, they've started now to get ahead, depending on where we sit you might not notice it, but imo alots being done behind the scene and i think QPR fans can take some comfort in that...

        Imo we will spend money be it from sales of current players or new money, however we spend as long as we improve again were in a win win situation, gotta say im not a big fan of selling dexter blackstock, but if that helps us bring in Leroy Lita and Simon Cox then i for one will feel truely excited about the season ahead.
        Cant believe it, ive been PWOPER MUGGED ORF...


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          They will work to a tight budget and build the side up.

          Despite on the pitch being dissapointing last season no doubt that massive strides have been made off the pitch.

          Plus....we dont have to sell any of our best players which is a bonus