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is it a box office disaster??

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  • is it a box office disaster??

    obviously fans not renewing as in previous numbers...

    is there a sense of panic at the club?
    this backlog crap....no way....i saw a few small stacks of forms when previously there have been boxes full of them!

    somethings not right...yes i renewd but was very close to not doing so...
    some holding out may still renew...

    the club should've listened to the fans thru "One qpr"
    and should've acted sooner and gave 10% reduction
    flav says he wants full houses...how?

    if you have switched off the die hard fans, then thats business suicide!

    backlog?? postal forms, they have weeks to process
    online? done automatically
    in person...i saw no queues

    spin spin
    it's like a shane warne over
    spin spin
    the honeymoons over

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    I can imagine newspaper headlines:
    Unemployment in London recedes as QPR box office employs thousands to handle enormous season ticket applications backlog!
    Banning people is no longer my hobby,
    but take a look at my photo blog:


    How and why did I start supporting QPR in Estonia: