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  • Patrick Aygemang

    mentioned as one of the players with a poor attitude at the poty but at the end of the game even with the pitch invasion came over and thanked the qpr fans and shook everyones hand at the front.

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    to me first half he didnt want it but came out second half showing bits of him old self and fair play to him for comming over to us at the end
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      Big deal, a guy who is probably on 6-8 grand a week bothers to come over and clap his fans. Needs to do a lot more than that if he is to have a future here


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        No, he didn't just clap us.
        A bit unfair to dismiss it unless you were there and actually saw what he did.
        Hogan and Ainsworth came over to clap us, the rest of the players were drowned by the pitch invasion (but happily signed autographs outside the ground afterwards) but Pat shook hands with every Rangers fan who he could get to at the front of the away end.
        He was on the pitch at the end for quite some time doing that.
        Faurlin is my hero!!! Love him!!! #########


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          fair play paddy agye
          We're Queens Park Rangers, we rule supreme