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Play-offs next season....happy?

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  • Play-offs next season....happy?

    Whats the expectations for next season?

    If its the play-offs then theres a good chance we will make them as we not far off considering the troubled season we have had.

    If its promotion, then there has to be some serious work (and wonga spent) in the summer.

    Cant see option 2 coming into fruitition so would the lottery of the play-offs be considered enough, this time next season?

    If play-offs were acheived but not won, would this be considered part of the 4 yr plan?

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    I thought the 4 year plan was:

    1st year: Survival
    2nd year: Progression
    3rd year: Promotion
    4th year: Survival

    To be a Champions League team in 4 years time you need to be a Premiership team in 3, which means promotion has to come 12 months from now.


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      Agree, play-offs would be a sensible target.

      I don't believe the team would be the same if we made it to the prem. I think FB and Co would chuck this lot and buy new if we made it. So if we did get promoted, I wouldn't worry about this team not being up to it.

      Play-offs are a good bet with a few quid spent in the summer. I suppose this does hinge on whether the new boss manages to stay a while though, more of this seasons turmoil can only lead to a bad season again.
      The future's bright...the future is blue and white.


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        I'm hoping for entertaining, bright, attacking football. Outright promotion, or a play-off place, will be an added bonus gratefully received.


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          I fancy us to go up next year. It will be tough but we have been flirting all season with play offs without playing well, drawing to much & key players missing.


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            promotion dont care how just promotion
            i supported qpr in the glory days when chris kiwomya and michael ngonge played up front


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              playoffs or not, doesn't warrant the prices we're paying


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                Play offs would be a big progression, i just hope we can do it next year!
                We're Queens Park Rangers, we rule supreme


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                  just better then this season tbh. Play-offs a must target but weather we'll get there we'll have to see whos in the starting 11 come 8th August