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do we back any manager

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  • do we back any manager

    dowie wanted ben watson, and we never whole heartedly chased him but the 2m whatever was too much imo

    how many did sousa want? and we signed?

    gianni is the sporting director, does he answer for some poor signings?

    we have too many directors...

    any fool taking the qpr managership, will need the backing of the board
    freedom over signings, time, be his own man and play the way he wants...
    otherwise, just sign a muppet or puppet.
    our standing in the football world is one of laughter, qprfc need to address it.

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    i think this is the time they will have to get it right! Theyve tried a few ideas and anyone coming in now needs 100 percent backing from the board


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      if it is venables like suggested, and he has huge respect from briatorie due to his credientals im sure he will be given the full backing both time and money. i hope so anyway.