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help me with a few qpr q's for the observer!

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  • help me with a few qpr q's for the observer!

    Hello lads, been lurking around for a while but thought it was time to finally sign up!

    I sometimes do the 'fans view' thing in the observer and need to do an end of year summary type thing. I have most of my answers done but theres a couple im not sure what im gonna put yet....so if anyone wouldnt mind sticking a few answers in here and it may help me swing my mind one way or another. also these q's are a bit more of a general fans opinion rather than just 1 person..

    4) Who were the best, and worst, away fans?

    5) Top hate figure at another club?

    All those have reasons.

    The following are just names and players:

    6) Top five best opposition players?

    thanks a lot whoever can put in some input!!

    U RSSS

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    5) Clinton Morrison got a bit of stick when he came down.


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      for the away fans i would say blackpool they brought a fair few down considering the distance (much more than we took to them) and always make alot of noise (aided by the drum)


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        worst away fans = cardiff
        18th August 2011. The day we got our Rangers back


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          cheers lads

          yeh never really got why we were giving clinton morrison so much stick, was pretty funny though