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  • a view from BRAZIL

    Posted: Sun Apr 26, 2009 9:26 pm Post subject: Re: Fair play to Pete...


    Rbee wrote:

    yeah, fair play - he's managed to identify one of the multiple problems QPR are suffering from at the moment. a round of applause.

    but it conveniently ignores the REAL problems at QPR, perhaps because pete himself has been part of the problem, albeit a small one.

    QBP says: "I just hope we get a manager who will weed out all the waste of space and ship them out to the continent or Division 1"

    firstly, is that the waste of space that paladini bought through his one agent contact, pete?
    secondly, we had a perfectly decent manager who should have been given more time, more support and the opportunity to make his own decisions. sadly, he was undermined by a campaign orchestrated by paladini and carried out by pete on watrb.

    so, at the end of the day: NIL POINTS for QBP and his post