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Players Had Chance to Redeem Themselves..And Failed

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  • Players Had Chance to Redeem Themselves..And Failed

    Spoke to many fans yesterday who are either disinterested or have lost all love for the club. These players had the opportunity to at least give a little back to the fans who have followed this club home & away, spent 70 for the privelige of maybe getting a photo or a signed shirt. It follows on from the sponsors night where the players were asked politely by Gareth Ainsworth to leave at 8pm. Most left at 730pm !! Its becoming a chore for these players. Rodney Marsh several times, kept saying a few times " don't worry we are on time schedule", to me a clear reference to the players who wanted to get away.

    It was indicated to me that the players were told a specific time to leave and it was a mis-understanding, I really hope that is the case. I cannot help feeling that the relationship between players and fans is getting further and further apart. I would even accept Damien Stewart not speaking to the fans after getting his award (he is very shy and never likes talking to reporters or into microphones), but these players were either texting on their phones whilst the presentation was going on, or in some cases just lounging about outside on sofas, whilst we the fans were reviewing the season on the big screen. Its been so bad, maybe they should have had to watch it.

    Apart from a few exceptions ( the ones that have a general affinity with the club, plus I would add Cerny and Connolly to that list), these set of players could not care two hoots about the club or its supporters. Fitz Hall seemed to be the main instigator of organising a night out on the lash with his team-mates, with a total disregard for the paying public who to a degree pay the players wages. You only have to look at the players car park to realise these group of players are so removed from me and you. The days are long when they would bring wives to this events.

    These group of players will NOT get us promoted next season, not because of their lack of ability, but because the body language strongly indicates they don't give a ****. We all accept its been a bad season, the players know that too, I just hope we get a manager who will weed out all the waste of space and ship them out to the continent or Division 1.

    This great club needs leaders, all we have are passengers. Some would argue that players leave quickly every year, true but this is different. You could not be alarmed as to how quickly these players left at the very moment the presentation finished.

    Lee Cook left a little later and Ainsworth was there until 12. ANtonio German was later still. I hope reason he did not go is because he is under 18 and that he geuinely stayed for the fans. You only have to go back a few years and you would see Bircham, Gallen stay and you would be carrying Chris Day out at 4am.

    The one date in 365 days of the year where these players could have shown some respect, they failed miserably. We all end the season, looking forward to the next and although a few handshakes and signings don;t change too much, it does at least show we are all in this together. How can we respect the players, if they do not respect us?

    Amit Bhattia all credit to you. This guy was mingling with fans and showing that he genuinely cares. I am not even going to apportion blame to Flavio Briatore, though I suspect many would like me to do so. This guy is paying good wages to these players, he wants promotion, he has F1 and other businesses to deal with. Its easy to finger point, but the reality is this guy cannot be blamed for the inability of the players to feel one with the supporters. We were asked to buy into the dream, and 1 year on its turning itno a nightmare.

    A manager need to come in and shake these players to the core, getting them working hard, get them playing football and playing like team that actually cares. Get rid of the moaners and the slackers and get them doing what they are paid to do. This group of players can feel sorry for themselves, that we've had 2 managers and that results have not been good, but I hope some at least take a very hard look at themselves. If we as a team are 2-3 points better than Crystal Palace or Doncaster Rovers then maybe one or two of our players should go and play for them.

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    Very well said. Goop post. agree 100%.
    Cant believe it, ive been PWOPER MUGGED ORF...


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      good post Pete. Think its a disgrace and just shows the mercenary element we have at our club at the present time. As far as Fitz Hall goes it doesnt surprise me in the slightest. I have heard he has a major Billy Big Time attitude. Shame he's **** and doesnt have the talent to match.


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        Agree with all that Pete, nearly went myself but changed my mind very glad i did.

        trouble is a lot of the players you are displeased with will be here next season and the season after because they are average have years left on thier contracts and are on better than average wages for the division, who will buy them?

        what we need to do is get in a manager and coaching team that makes is uncomfortable for them not giving them days off and only asking them to train 2 days a week!
        its New Era number 8 i tell thee, bring on the fireworks


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          A manager need to come in and shake these players to the core
          Agreed - but LDC isn't the man to do it. Keane would have been ideal - Warnock may be the next best, but no more foreign rubbish please.


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            under Keane these players would have done what they were told.

            As I say, the argument given was it was a misunderstadning with times, but the general body language of the players did not sit comfortably with me.

            I would like to stress this did not apply to Ainsworth Connolly, rowlands, cook, Gorkss, cerny, Buzsacky and maybe 1 or 2 other players that I did not see. I'd even say Alberti and De Carmine who don;t have great english skills were perfect gentleman

            I won't name the players who were obviously disinterested, but it was a good few
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              Originally posted by stainrod10 View Post
              Agreed - but LDC isn't the man to do it. Keane would have been ideal - Warnock may be the next best, but no more foreign rubbish please.
              After seeing that last night I'm tempted to renegade on my LDC campaign.

              I think you are right.

              Maybe I shouldnt divulge this, but **** it, I will.

              I collared Gaz on his way out, actually before i carry on...once again I'd like to stress what a tops bloke he is and how he pro-actively stayed as long as he possibly could and was a complete legend last night..anyway, I had a dig about the players and their attitude and he said "i know, but I dont control them, i'm not in charge, i just do what i can scott"

              That shocked me but, summed it up.

              If only we had more decent people like Gaz and Cerny ?

              Personally, I want Flavio to go all frigging out to get a manager, a man, a decent moral person to run these players.

              For me, QPR fan, and hard nosed #######, Stuart Pearce.

              These over paid ******s wouldnt **** with Pearce.
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                Pete, you have taken some flak lately over the Sousa debacle, so to read this post slating the players, and given your relationship with GP I think you have slightly redeemed yourself, as Paladini's puppet. I hope all you noted from last night willl be passed on to the people that matter and it wont happen again. I read Scotts post R:E Cerny and it appears he is only one player of a handfull that give a s**t.


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                  Don't worry its always been my opinion and I will give it as I see fit. I know Scott does as well.

                  I will be talking to Amit later in the week and will be asking what the club can do, to make up for this years event.
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                    Good post ,Pete.

                    although it's all rather depressing at the moment.

                    the new manager has his work cut-out-he will need to be incredibly tough,with both the players and the board.


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                      George Graham would ducking sort this lot out sharpish.FB would be dull/clinical but results would come.Players would cak themselves if he turned up.
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                        You'd think that after all the PR disasters this season, someone yesterday afternoon would have piped up and told the players 'show some respect to the fans tonight, they love nights like POTY, don't fail them it's the least they deserve'


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                          Good post pete, these players (i use the term players, lightly) have effectivly played under three managers this season, and no manager has been able to get them to perform consistantly well, that is worrying.
                          They seek him here.................


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                            Great post Pete i think that there are certain players in at this club that are quite simply taking it for a ride, getting payed very good wages and never playing (Fitz Hall) the days when we had players playing for this club that loved it and would give everything for it are long gone by the looks of things.


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                              I'm sorry to hear about last night's POTY awards/dinner, can't say I'm shocked or surprised. Arrogance off the pitch seems to part of a footballer's make-up these days, even from those who's "talent" is so miniscule as to be laughable.

                              Apart from the genuinely charasmatic players, affinity with the supporters of the club they play for, belongs to the days of Bovril on the terraces, wooden rattles, and the yearly fixture with Accrington Stanley.

                              The modern player, by and large, cannot disguise insincerity, no matter in who's shell-like you have a word about last night's let-down, I would rather not bother with these type of events than be patronised by somebody that doesn't occupy the world I come from.