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  • Hi Everyone

    Hi Everyone!

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone after a rather long absence from posting so long, in fact, I think I have been 'de-activated' on WATRB and need to re-register here.

    I haven't been able to go to games since Wolves at home, and after Sheila's leaving do. I have missed it, but missed the banter with people here and in the pub after more than anything. I'm not getting back involved in any of the politics, save to say I consider myself very fortunate to be away form the internal goings on now.

    Anyway, I look forward to coming to some home games next season, meeting many of you in the pub etc. I've spent some of the time away from QPR doing more photography, which has been great, and anyone interested please take a look mt Burma gallery I have nearly completed (visited this Feb, best sub-gallery is novices in Bagan):


    Or alternatively, here's one from a fashion shoot I did yesterday (many more to come)

    I shall not be at Player of the Year for the first time in some years this year, so I hope someone going (if anyone is?) can take a few good pics and post them up.

    Have a good summer everyone and keep well.


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    Welcome back mate.

    Hope you are well. I'll be at the party taking pictures but they'll no-doubt be sub standard.

    We'll have that pint soon!
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      Welcome back Nico and look forward to catching up with you soon


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        Welcome back buddy.

        Glad you are well.
        Your mum would love me...


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          Welcome back Nico and hope you had a great time away!


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            Hi Nico. Superb photos ..... very interesting and beautiful.

            Good to see you back on here and look forward to seeing you next season.


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              Welcome Back Nico - hope all is well